Conflict between india and pakistan an encyclopedia pdf

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conflict between india and pakistan an encyclopedia pdf

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Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts

This lists the logos of programs or partners of NG Education which have provided or contributed the content on this page. Powered by. An urban area is the region surrounding a city. Most inhabitants of urban areas have nonagricultural jobs. Urban areas are very developed, meaning there is a density of human structures such as houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and railways. An urban area includes the city itself, as well as the surrounding areas. Many urban areas are called metropolitan areas, or "greater," as in Greater New York or Greater London.

The region of Kashmir is one of the most volatile areas in the world. The nations of India and Pakistan have fiercely contested each other over Kashmir, fighting three major wars and two minor wars. It has gained immense international attention given the fact that both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers and this conflict represents a threat to global security. To understand this conflict, it is essential to look back into the history of the area. In August of , India and Pakistan were on the cusp of independence from the British.

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Since the Partition of British India in and subsequent creation of the dominions of India and Pakistan , the two countries have been involved in a number of wars, conflicts, and military standoffs. A long-running dispute over Kashmir and cross-border terrorism have been the predominant cause of conflict between the two states, with the exception of the Indo-Pakistani War of , which occurred as a direct result of hostilities stemming from the Bangladesh Liberation War in erstwhile East Pakistan now Bangladesh. The Partition of India came about in the aftermath of World War II , when both Great Britain and British India were dealing with the economic stresses caused by the war and its demobilisation. Nearly one third of the Muslim population of British India remained in India. Inter-communal violence between Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims resulted in between , and 2 million casualties leaving 14 million people displaced. Princely states in India were provided with an Instrument of Accession to accede to either India or Pakistan.

Conflict Between India and Pakistan: An Encyclopedia

This up-to-date encyclopedia examines the conflict between India and Pakistan from Independence to the present day, with an authoritative treatment that presents the issues evenhandedly and from both countries' perspectives. Tensions between India and Pakistan are deeply rooted. Many go back to or earlier, when, with the partitioning of the provinces of Punjab and Bengal, British India was succeeded by two independent countries: a primarily Hindu India and a Muslim Pakistan.

Kashmir , region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. It is bounded by the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang to the northeast and the Tibet Autonomous Region to the east both parts of China , by the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south, by Pakistan to the west, and by Afghanistan to the northwest. The region, with a total area of some 85, square miles , square km , has been the subject of dispute between India and Pakistan since the partition of the Indian subcontinent in The northern and western portions are administered by Pakistan and comprise three areas: Azad Kashmir , Gilgit , and Baltistan , the last two being part of a territory called the Northern Areas.

Conflict between India and Pakistan. An Encyclopedia

More recently, they can be found in a host of government service, teaching, and business occupations. We also provide population density, growth, demography It is also the 8th most densely populated state in US. Serving as the capital of Pakistan since the Sixties, Islamabad was built according to a carefully organized plan, divided into sectors along a grid of clean, tree-lined streets.

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The relations between the two countries have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the violent partition of British India in which started the Kashmir conflict , and the numerous military conflicts fought between the two nations. Consequently, their relationship has been plagued by hostility and suspicion. Northern India and Pakistan somewhat overlap in certain demographics and shared lingua francas mainly Punjabi , Sindhi , and Hindustani. After the dissolution of the British Raj in , two new sovereign nations were formed—the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan. The subsequent partition of the former British India displaced up to Soon after gaining their independence, India and Pakistan established diplomatic relations, but the violent partition and reciprocal territorial claims quickly overshadowed their relationship.

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