Two phase flow in pipelines and heat exchangers pdf file

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two phase flow in pipelines and heat exchangers pdf file

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Handbook of Thermal Science and Engineering pp Cite as. This chapter provides the working principles of classical types of two-phase heat exchangers and heat exchangers based on microchannel technology. The applications of these exchangers in the power and process industry as well as in air conditioning and electronic cooling are discussed.

Manuscript received July 23, ; final manuscript received December 11, ; published online February 26, Editor: Jovica R. Yazdani, M. February 26, Thermal Sci.


Kaminsky, R. June 1, Energy Resour. June ; 2 : 75— Heat transfer can be of importance in the design of multiphase petroleum flowlines. However, heat transfer data for gas-liquid flows are available only for small-diameter pipes at low pressures. Moreover, existing prediction methods are largely not suited to petroleum pipeline conditions due to implicit use of simplistic two-phase flow models.

Understanding Heat Exchangers

Romina Ronquillo. Heat exchangers are devices designed to transfer heat between two or more fluids—i. Depending on the type of heat exchanger employed, the heat transferring process can be gas-to-gas , liquid-to-gas , or liquid-to-liquid and occur through a solid separator, which prevents mixing of the fluids, or direct fluid contact. Other design characteristics, including construction materials and components, heat transfer mechanisms, and flow configurations, also help to classify and categorize the types of heat exchangers available. Finding application across a wide range of industries, a diverse selection of these heat exchanging devices are designed and manufactured for use in both heating and cooling processes.

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In this tutorial the fundamentals of non-boiling heat transfer in two-phase two-component gas-liquid flow in pipes are presented. The techniques used for the determination of the different gas-liquid flow patterns flow regimes in vertical, horizontal, and inclined pipes are reviewed. The validity and limitations of the numerous heat transfer correlations that have been published in the literature over the past 50 years are discussed. The extensive results of the recent developments in the non-boiling two-phase heat transfer in air-water flow in horizontal and inclined pipes conducted at Oklahoma State University's Heat Transfer Laboratory are presented. Practical heat transfer correlations for a variety of gas-liquid flow patterns and pipe inclination angles are recommended.

-C. Lin S.Y. b Measurements and correlations of frictional single-phase and two-phase Chisholm D. Two-phase flow in pipelines and heat exchangers.

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Slip ratio (gas–liquid flow)

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