List of all countries and their national sports pdf

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list of all countries and their national sports pdf

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Here is our alphabetical list of over sports played around the world. In addition to individual sports, the list includes some names of sport groups, styles and codes. There is undoubtedly more sports than are listed here, there are many regional sports, modified rules and new sports being developed every day see new sports. There is also a comprehensive list of team sports that are played around the world. You can find even more sports described in the section about unusual sports , and there are plenty of sports that are no longer played, which we have listed as extinct sports.

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By Jim Benagh. Compare the ancient Olympics to the modern games. Plus, learn how money, politics, and performance-enhancing drugs have become major influences, often causing controversy. The Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began in ancient Greece. The original Greek games were staged every fourth year for several hundred years, until they were abolished in the early Christian era.

Different nations are identified with their flag, their national anthems, their national birds and animals, their national dress, their national language, and of course with their national sports. As all other categories to identify a nation, sports too holds a different place in the national pride. All the major nations of this world hold different kinds of sports which for them are national pride and hence they find the premier place in the list of the sports they play. Just take a look at those sports that have the honor to become a national sport of a country. The national sport of a country not only defines the culture and traditional ideas and beliefs of that nation but it also represents its people in a major way.

National sport

A national sport is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. Some sports are de facto not established by law national sports, as Sumo is in Japan and Gaelic games are in Ireland , while others are de jure established by law national sports, as taekwondo is in South Korea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. This article needs additional citations for verification.

List of Countries and their National Games / Sports

A national sport is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. Some sports are national sports as established by the law of the country, while others are popularly accepted as national sports. The national sport is not necessarily and not usually the most popular sport in that country, but they are sports or pastimes that are important historically or culturally significant to the country.


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