Electrical power tools and their uses pdf

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electrical power tools and their uses pdf

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Powered Hand Tools - Electric Tools - Basic Safety

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labor used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. Internal combustion engines and compressed air are also commonly used. Other power sources include steam engines , direct burning of fuels and propellants, such as in powder-actuated tools , or even natural power sources such as wind or moving water. Tools directly driven by animal power are not generally considered power tools. Power tools are used in industry, in construction , in the garden , for housework tasks such as cooking , cleaning , and around the house for purposes of driving fasteners , drilling , cutting , shaping, sanding , grinding, routing , polishing, painting, heating and more. Power tools are classified as either stationary or portable, where portable means hand-held.

Fitting is the process of assembling various parts manufactured in the machine shop. The various types of tools used in the Fitting Workshop are as follows. In the last class, we had discussed the Electrical Engineering Workshop in a detailed way, and in today's class, we are going to discuss Engineering Fitting Workshop. The detailed explanation of above mentioned Fitting Workshop Tools are as follows. Holding tools are also known as Work Holding devices in the Fitting workshop. They are used to hold all types of components between jaws Fixed Jaw and Movable Jaw.

electric machines, couplings and pneumatic hand tools are Pneumatic & Electric Power Tools, It comes with the quick-change tool points for different jobs.

All electrical tools name and image pdf

Electrical work can't be done without the right tools. As basic tools have been improved over the years and new specialized tools are developed, the list of tool choices for electricians becomes even longer. What are those tools? And has the list changed significantly in recent years?

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Tools Most Used By Electricians

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A drill or drilling machine is a tool primarily used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a drill or driver , depending on application, secured by a chuck. Some powered drills also include a hammer function. Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size. They are characteristically corded electrically driven devices, with hand-operated types dramatically decreasing in popularity and cordless battery-powered ones proliferating.


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