Acupuncture textbook and atlas pdf

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acupuncture textbook and atlas pdf

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A flexi textbook that contains information on all the major body and ear acupuncture points, as well as an extensive coverage of trigger points. The text is augmented by illustrations pertaining to body acupuncture, 48 illustrations on ear acupuncture, and illustrations on trigger points. The description of each point includes:. The different schools of ear acupuncture e. Nogier , often a source of confusion for many practitioners, are presented side-by-side. While the terminology of the points follows Chinese standards for acupuncture, the body parts are named following up-to-date anatomical nomenclature, and the description of trigger points also mentions the respective muscle and pain projection zones.

The aim of the present study was to search for replicable anatomical structures that could relate to meridians. Bio- Divided into three parts, this book on acupuncture covers all aspects of acupuncture and discusses the application of these techniques to a total rehabilitation programme. Gives a thorough and analytical review of the treatment options for post-operative pain using acupuncture. This page provides just an acupuncture meridians list. Also included is a thorough introduction to the basics of acupuncture practice, including how to prepare a patient prior to treatment, how to insert and manipulate acupuncture needles, how and when to use moxibustion and cupping techniques, and what to do if treatment goes wrong.


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Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points

Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points: The Cooperative Group of Shandong Medical College and Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine covers the common points with their relations to human anatomical structures and the locations of points and indications. The book provides illustrative plates and pictures that fall into three categories: the first part deals with the courses of 12 channels and 8 extra channels Mai , points on such channels, locations, and indications. The second part describes the relationships between familiar points and their relative anatomical structures head and neck, trunk, upper, and lower extremities. Points of auricular acupuncture and their indications are included in the third part. The book further presents an index of the ear acupuncture points. The book will be invaluable to people working in the fields of combining Chinese traditional medicine with Western medicine, research work as well as clinical therapeutics.

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