Electromagnetic interference issues in power electronics and power systems pdf

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electromagnetic interference issues in power electronics and power systems pdf

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Wind energy is now the world's fastest growing energy source. In the past 10 years, the global wind energy capacity has increased rapidly. The installed global wind power capacity has grown to

Electromagnetic interference

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EMC in Power Electronics

Switching power supplies generate Electromagnetic Interference EMI by virtue of their inherent design characteristics. Internal switching power supply circuits that generate undesirable emissions that are rich in harmonics can cause electrical interference both internally to the circuit in which the power supply is installed and to other electronic equipment in the vicinity of the emission source. This application note examines the rules and regulations governing control of EMI, discusses types of noise generated by switching power supplies, and provides basic guidance for EMI mitigation, whether the power supply is installed in other equipment as part of a larger system or designed for stand-alone applications. The electromagnetic spectrum has been widely used for broadcasting, telecom and data communications through intentional emissions of electromagnetic fields. There have also been unintentional emissions from many electrical and electronic equipment, such as arc welding machines, household appliances and computer equipment. In order to protect the electromagnetic spectrum and to ensure compatibility of collocated electrical and electronic systems from trouble free operations, regulatory bodies both within the United States and throughout the world community have established standards to control conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference in electronic equipment.

Wabtec has developed a set of proven power modules that enable Transit providers to meet the numerous technical challenges of integrating and maintaining an auxiliary power system. Our solutions help reduce time to market without compromising flexibility. Auxiliary power systems provide the constant, regulated power needed to power these auxiliaries. However, supply voltage dips, electromagnetic interference, complex assembly integration, and reduced reliability can all compromise the effective operation of on-board auxiliary power systems. Auxiliary power systems are essential to powering auxiliaries on trains. But a variety of external factors can impact auxiliary power performance. For example, electromagnetic interference from the overhead contact line can disturb frequencies, resulting in malfunctions in the signaling circuit.

Electromagnetic Interference Issues in Power Electronics and Power Systems

This paper focuses on measurement and analysis of the electromagnetic fields generated by wireless power transfer system and their possible interaction on data transmission channel. Due to the advances in technology it becomes feasible to apply the wireless power transfer in the electric vehicles charging. Currently, in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University Nova high power wireless power transfer systems are in development. Those systems need to be controlled by several microcontrollers in order to optimize the energy transmission.

This paper presents a study related with measuring of radio frequency emissions. The purpose is to determine the level of interference generated by wireless power transfer equipment in a specific frequency range, and to compare those levels to the existing standards. The technology of wireless power transfer, especially for electric vehicles batteries charging, is rapidly developing in the recent years.

EMC in Power Electronics

Electromagnetic interference EMI , also called radio-frequency interference RFI when in the radio frequency spectrum, is a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction , electrostatic coupling , or conduction. In the case of a data path, these effects can range from an increase in error rate to a total loss of the data. EMI frequently affects AM radios. It can also affect mobile phones , FM radios , and televisions , as well as observations for radio astronomy and atmospheric science.

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