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meat and morality alternatives to factory farming pdf

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So much so that it seems as if much of the world has become desensitized to what climate change is and how it will affect us as a species over time. The greenhouse effect itself is when there is an increased amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the air. So how does this directly affect us?

Philosophers have neglected the relationships that establish duties to farmed animals, especially in factory farms. Many philosophers apparently assume that the conditions in industrial facilities are so horrible that the very idea of discussing obligations to them is vitiated by the unredeemable nature of the circumstances in which they live. Even when widely read texts accurately describe welfare deficits, they present a picture which is misleading both as to the extent of these problems, and to difficulty of making changes in response to them. Frequently cited welfare problems in factory farms support a case for reform, but it is difficult to see how it would support the claim that what is done to farmed animals is equivalent to torture.

Discovering the hotel selection factors of vegetarians: the case of Turkey

The most popular and convincing arguments for the claim that vegetarianism is morally obligatory focus on the extensive, unnecessary harm done to animals and to the environment by raising animals industrially in confinement conditions factory farming. These arguments may succeed in showing that purchasing and consuming industrially raised meat is immoral. They fail, however, to establish that strict vegetarianism is obligatory because they falsely assume that eating vegetables is the only alternative to eating factory-farmed meat that avoids the harms of factory farming. Moreover, the very premises of the arguments imply that eating some non-factory-farmed meat rather than only vegetables is morally obligatory. Therefore, if the central premises of these usual arguments are true, then strict vegetarianism is immoral. I outline the strongest versions of these arguments. I grant that it follows from their central premises that purchasing and consuming factory-farmed meat is immoral.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the hotel selection preferences of vegetarians in Turkey. The questionnaire used in this study had four main sections: animal and environmentally friendly hotel attributes; hotel features and facilities; hotel food and beverage services; and demographic and travel information of respondents. Eco-animal friendly hotels, customer requests and animal friendly and environmental ethics main Factor 1 ; comfort and value, facilities and security, the natural environment and the staff and their services main Factor 2 ; standards and sanitation, sensibility, atmosphere and knowledge main Factor 3 were identified as the main hotel selection factors of vegetarians in Turkey. The author would like to express thanks for their support. Dilek, S.

Arguments for Consuming Animal Products

Jump to navigation. Abstract: The labeling of shell eggs fails to reveal the inhumane conditions under which most laying hens are raised in the United States. Most of the eggs sold in major supermarkets come from factory farms. This article examines how the failure to regulate misleading animal welfare claims on egg labels creates a risk that consumers are buying products that they otherwise would not buy. This article explains why, from a moral and a legal standpoint, consumers should avoid purchasing most eggs. The Life of a Laying Hen Egg operations are the worst.

For all these reasons, moral agents must consider alternatives. Vegetarian food production, humane food animal farming, and in-vitro meat.


What can be said in favor of consuming animal products? This chapter surveys the options, with special focus on attempts to exploit pro-vegan principles for anti-vegan ends. Utilitarian, rights-based, contractualist, and agrarian proposals are explored, as well as some recent arguments that attempt to revive a form of speciesism. Ultimately, the chapter considers how such arguments might inform a broad case for consuming animal products—that is, one that might earn respect from those in a variety of moral camps—and it suggests that there may be good reasons to eat roadkill, bugs, bivalves, in vitro meat, animal products that will be wasted, and the bodies and byproducts of animals that live full, pleasant lives.

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral. I have, for example, just returned to begin typing up this chapter after adding extra straw for my chickens — chickens that I care for on a daily basis and chickens in whose well-being I am invested. This, however, followed on from my enjoyable consumption of a chicken dinner last night, a fact that would seem to suggest I am far less invested in the well-being of chickens more generally.

Inquiry-Based Essay

Part III. Applied ethics

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Strict Vegetarianism Is Immoral

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