Social harmony and national integration pdf

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social harmony and national integration pdf

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Increasing diversity leads to local, national and transnational challenges requiring a novel and explicit problem-solving approach. Practical wisdom, which emerges from an integration knowledge and ability through religious awareness, can promote peaceful coexistence in diverse societies with adequate theological and educational infrastructures. This paper aims to critically examine practical wisdom as the religious awareness to underlying building harmony in the diverse society. Literature from refereed and peer-reviewed journals and articles was reviewed using thematic topic analysis to propose a model of the practical wisdom as a foundation for building harmony in a diverse society.

The role of sport in peacebuilding

The problem of National Integration is universal and it involves reconciliation of all diversities to build up national solidarity. Nationalism and regionalism do not go together. The process of National Integrations, therefore, tries to achieve both —the forces of national unity, solidarity and cohesion and the regional identity and freedom. In brief, national integration helps building up the national character out of the individual character. It involves national cohesiveness through territorial unity. However, national integration lacks a precise definition. It is more a psychological, behavioural and emotional concept.

National Integration and Communal Harmony

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The programme has given our youth a new direction and a unique way to contribute to the civil society. The hallmark of the scheme is intilling in the youth a deep sense of reponsibility and commitment to the society Besides sowing the seeds of deep routed love for the motherland and discipline. The NSS Centre which has been actively promoted by the Vice Chancellor will provide the much needed impetus to the scheme and encourage students of the university to pursue their inner calling of selfless service as professed by the father of the nation, Mahatama Gandhi. National Service Scheme S. I am sure that NSS will reach greater heights by the toil and dedication of young students. Event 1.

National Integration and Communal Harmony

Communal Harmony Essay Pdf This can be done through the press and the platform, the cinema, the radio and the television. Communal harmony is very important for every developing nation because a nation can get developed only if the people of the country can leave in peace and harmony. More than 10, people have so far attended over 90 harmony meet. After going through these short and long communal harmony essays you will know about the incidents in history when communal harmony was compromised; laws to maintain communal harmony; how to maintain communal harmony etc. India does not advocate state-sponsored religion, nor does it have a national religion of any sort.

Slogans On National Integration And Communal Harmony Pdf Free Download

Building harmony in diverse society: insights from practical wisdom

This book is devoted to the issue of how we can learn to live together in the face of division and conflict. It is dedicated to the life and work of a remarkable human being, Dr Epimenidis Haidemenakis, scientist, statesman, visionary leader, President Emeritus of the International S. Distinguished international scholars, government and corporate representatives, leading researchers and academics from multiple disciplines and Nobel Laureates Leon Lederman Physics, , Martin Perl Physics, and Yuan T. Lee Chemistry, address a broad range of issues all with the aim of improving the human condition and achieving cooperation among the people of the world.

The National Integration Council NIC is a group of senior politicians and public figures in India that looks for ways to address the problems of communalism , casteism and regionalism. The purpose was to find ways to counter problems that were dividing the country including attachment to specific communities, castes, religions and languages. The conference set up the NIC to review national integration issues and make recommendations. The NIC met for the first time in June

The contribution sport can make towards peace-building efforts has generally been considered at the grassroots and nation state levels. At the grassroots or community level, sport can be seen to provide a useful way of creating an environment in which people can come together to: work towards the same goal, show respect for others and share space and equipment. All these aspects are crucial to peace-building processes and are exemplified in findings from a Peace Players International programme. An assessment of the programme shows that the majority of participants expressed fewer racial stereotypes and less racism compared to children who were not part of the programme. Many participants were in favour of racial integration and further inter-racial socialisation than other children. The United Nations Report on the International Year of Sport and Physical Education highlights the benefits that sport can bring in building national identity, especially at the level of elite sport.

Learning To Live Together: Promoting Social Harmony

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National Integration in India: Problem, Methods and Promotion

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