Relationship between demography and economics pdf

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relationship between demography and economics pdf

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Relation of Demography with Other Sciences

To gauge the economic consequences of these demographic trends, we implement an overlapping generations model with heterogeneity by level of education in which individuals optimally decide their consumption of market- and home-produced goods as well as the time spent on paid and unpaid work. The importance of the demographic transition on per-capita income growth was neglected for a long time, mainly because of a myriad of inconsistent correlations between population and economic growth Kelley Their main finding was that demography has a strong and positive effect on economic growth when the working-age population grows faster than the dependent population, known as first demographic dividend. Later on, Kelley and Schmidt added an important contribution by considering, in their convergence model, that changes in the age distribution of the population known as the translation component were likely to affect the productivity of workers the productivity component. Despite these recent findings there are still many unanswered questions Williamson For instance, to what extent does demography influence economic growth over a longer time span? What is the historical impact of demographic changes on economic growth?

This study examines the long-run and short-run impact of demographic factors, i. The theoretical foundation of the study relies on demographic transition theory and incorporates life expectancy, fertility rate and young dependency ratio into the production function by means of human capital component. The study uses annual panel data of four South Asian courtiers, i. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka from to and utilizes panel ARDL model to analyze the long run and short run impact of demographic factors on economic growth. Results show that real stock of capital, fertility rate and life expectancy are positively related with economic growth, while an increase in young dependency ratio reduces economic growth in South Asian countries in the long run. Short-run dynamics show that real stock of capital and life expectancy have insignificant impact on economic growth, while young dependency ratio has negative and significant as well as life expectancy has positive and significant impact on economic growth in South Asian countries.

Role of demographic factors in economic growth of South Asian countries

President and Chief Executive Officer. Loretta J. Mester participates in the formulation of U. She assumed her role as president and CEO in June To some of us, 35 seems relatively young, but for a conference series, it is a ripe old age. Whether you interpret 35 as young or old depends on the context, which brings me to my topic today: demographics and their implications for the economy and policy.

PIP: Population is very closely linked to the economic development of a society. The quantity, quality, structure, distribution, and movement of a population can help or hinder the rate of economic development. A developed country with low population density and a low percentage of employable people needs an increase in population in order to keep up with economic development. On the other hand, for an underdeveloped country with high population density and a high percentage of employable people, any increase in population will be detrimental to its economy. Man is a producer as well as a consumer, and in order to balance the rate of production and the rate of consumption, a certain poulation level must be maintained. The status of the economy determines the appropriate level.

Contribution of demography to economic growth

For decades, economists and social thinkers have debated the influence of population change on economic growth. Three alternative positions define this debate: that population growth restricts, promotes, or is independent of economic growth. Proponents of each explanation can find evidence to support their cases. All of these explanations, however, focus on population size and growth. In recent years, however, the debate has under-emphasized a critical issue, the age structure of the population that is, the way in which the population is distributed across different age groups , which can change dramatically as the population grows.

The Silver Market Phenomenon pp Cite as. Our results indicate a positive impact of the age group 50—64 on economic growth. Moreover, a high proportion of people in the age group 15—29 facilitate technology absorption.

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Role of demographic factors in economic growth of South Asian countries

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Contribution of demography to economic growth

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