Design and analysis of propeller shaft pdf

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design and analysis of propeller shaft pdf

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Analytical analysis of the vibration of propulsion shaft under hull deformation excitations

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The propeller shaft transmits drive from the gearbox output to the final drive in the rear axle. A hollow steel tube is used for the propeller shaft. It is lightweight but will still transfer considerable torque and resist to bending forces. The von-Mises stress and shear stress are within the allowable limit. The obtained value of the 1st mode frequency is higher than the excitation frequency corresponding to engine maximum torque. This ensures the avoidance of resonance. The fatigue life is obtained as 1.

Show all documents Design, Failure Analysis and Optimization of a Propeller Shaft for Heavy Duty Vehicle rotational diameter, low weight, and versatile flange connections these features provide an ideal base for standardized drive train design and new power transmission concepts. Depending on application of vehicle where the engine and axles are separated from each other, as on four-wheel-drive and rear wheel-drive vehicles, it is the propeller shaft that serves to transmit the drive force generated by the engine to the axles. Sagging causes vibration and results in an increase in noise, to such an extent that the shaft is likely to break when the critical speed is exceeded. Design and optimization of automobile propeller shaft with composite materials using FEM Analysis Amol B Rindhe and S R Wagh [9] They investigate heavy duty vehicles driveshaft is one of the important components. Generally a two-piece alloy steel drive shaft is used in automotive which can be replaced by a single piece of composite material driveshaft.

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Show all documents The design parameters were optimized with the objective of minimizing the weight of composite drive shaft. The design optimization also showed significant potential improvement in the performance of drive shaft. This project deals with propeller shaft of MARUTHI OMNI to design the shaft for its minimum dimensions to satisfy current problem specification and then replace conventional steel material with composite material. Then they can be created as a part model for respective dimensions in NX 8. Composite materials are used replacing conventional steel materials used in auto parts which will reduce the weight and improve the mechanical properties of those components composite materials are generally light weighted and has more strength and stiffness.

Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. Received 24 August ; received in revised form 18 November ; accepted 13 December ; published 15 February Zhang Cong, Tian Zhe, Yan Xinping Analytical analysis of the vibration of propulsion shaft under hull deformation excitations. An analytical method to solve vibration of the propulsion shaft under hull deformation excitations is introduced. The model of shaft with the excitations at bearings is seen as a simplified propulsion shaft-ship hull system, as bearings could be assumed as the connection structures that transmit the forces from hull to shaft. Vibration characteristics of shaft under hull excitations are gained.

After modeling,. Torsional buckling analysis and Modal analysis can be carried out in the propeller shafts using NX NASTRAN to check whether theoretical.

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In recently constructed vessels, minimization of engine room volume is required to maximize the volume of cargo to be shipped. Therefore, the main engine and the stern bulkhead mounted on the ship are installed as far as possible in the aftward direction. As a result, the length of the propeller shaft is reduced, along with the stern tube bearing span used to support it. In this case, the shaft flexibility is reduced, the reaction influence number is increased, and the point load of each bearing is easily influenced by change in displacement. Because the point load of each bearing is susceptible to hull deformation and thermal expansion, it is difficult to adjust the shaft arrangement and the bearing load change after large adjustment of the shaft arrangement.

Warikoo, Raman Analysis of propeller shaft transverse vibrations. Masters thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland. The aim of this project was to find a simple, practical and sufficiently accurate method for finding the natural frequencies of a propeller shaft assembly. The need for such methods is felt at the early design stages when sufficient data about the system is not available and the need to restrict the cost of analysis is of importance. Due to these facts it is clear that the methods based on the discretization of the continuum, which can estimate the natural frequencies accurately may not be advisable to go in for in the initial stages.

Analysis of propeller shaft transverse vibrations

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Design and Analysis of a Propeller Shaft in CAE tool and ANSYS. Gara Bharat Kumar #1, M Manoj #2, Reddy #3. Scholar of Master of Technology, Asst​.

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Analysis of propeller shaft transverse vibrations

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  • An automotive propeller shaft, or drive shaft, transmits power from the engine to differential gears of rear wheel-driving vehicle. In present work an attempt has. Denpnunzavi1988 - 28.05.2021 at 00:56