Difference between preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance pdf

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difference between preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance pdf

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CMC's manufacturing consultants often need to explain the differences between breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance in a manufacturing setting. Airline companies have very sophisticated preventive maintenance systems.

For a maintenance manager or supervisor, it is necessary to know the different types of maintenance. Preventive maintenance measures are planned and performed on equipment with the purpose of ensuring that failures do not occur and to lessen the consequences of breakdowns. A preventive maintenance plan is ideal when a maintenance manager can prevent any malfunction of their equipment or can predict and plan for this failure so it has the least possible impact.

Preventive Maintenance vs. Breakdown Maintenance

The theory behind preventive maintenance is to take regular steps to prevent problems before they occur. Preventive maintenance has several characteristics:. Essentially, preventive maintenance is a collection of best practices and averages that zeroes in on an identified interval that gives you the best odds of catching issues before they start. It continues to be practiced because it is highly effective for many organizations. Like preventive maintenance, it is a proactive approach.

Predictive, preventive, and breakdown maintenance tips

Preventive maintenance PM and breakdown maintenance are the cornerstones of any professional maintenance program. One might even say they are the most commonly used maintenance strategies on the planet. However, the reality is most maintenance teams rely upon a mixture of preventive and breakdown maintenance to achieve their goals. Preventive maintenance refers to maintenance tasks that are performed on a repeated schedule to prevent failures. These tasks include conducting regular inspections, reporting identified equipment issues, and replacing parts before failure.

Across industry, many definitions are used when it comes to the different types of maintenance. As far as I am concerned terminology is not important. Other than making sure we are talking about the same thing. As long as we can sensibly talk about the underlying principles. At least, the way I see it:. Corrective maintenance is done after a failure has occurred either as Deferred Corrective Maintenance or as Emergency Maintenance.

identifies any issues before equipment failure or downtime, through routinely scheduled.

Predictive, preventive, and breakdown maintenance tips

An established maintenance program helps save money, energy and time. That said, there are many different maintenance program options to choose. The most common are preventive, predictive, and breakdown. What is the difference between these maintenance programs? There is often enough data to establish a predictive maintenance PdM program.

For immediate assistance, please call us at Please call us at There are two common types of maintenance: predictive and preventive. Because they are somewhat similar, people tend to question the difference between the two. This helpful article helps define the difference between preventive and predictive maintenance and explains when your organization should be using one over the other.

Preventive maintenance or preventative maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. In terms of the complexity of this maintenance strategy, it falls between reactive or run-to-failure maintenance and predictive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can be scheduled on a time or usage based trigger.

Preventive maintenance

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