Handbook of regional growth and development theories pdf

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handbook of regional growth and development theories pdf

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One part of the literature has distinguished between open-access social orders which have facilitated economic growth, and closed-access orders which have hampered it e. This handbook provides an analysis of the most recent developments in In the second edition of this user-friendly book, Olivier de La Grandville provides a clear and original introduction to the theory of economic growth, its mechanisms and its challenges. I gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Ca rnegie Corporation of New York. Sources of Frontier Growth 9 3. Language: english.

Handbook of Regional Science

Infrastructure investments can be used as a means of long-term economic policies and the need for the improvement of transportation infrastructure, which is among the infrastructure investments, is increasing day by day. This is due to the advantages transport infrastructure provides in terms of transport, such as saving of time and ease of access, as well as its contribution to economic growth. Considering the transport infrastructure of the countries that lead world trade, it is seen that the highway network is highly advanced and the highway network can be determinative of economic development. Most of the investments in transportation infrastructure in Turkey are made on highways. In this study, the long-term relationship between the transportation infrastructure based on the length of highways in Turkey and economic growth is studied by using Cobb-Douglas production function.

Part II. The design of local governments and policies Urban political economics R. Fiscal decentralization D. Epple, T. Sprawl and urban growth E. Glaeser, M.

Regional Growth and Development Theories Revisited

Welcome, Guest. Return to Faculty. Discussing new developments in the world economy and their effects on development 2. Discussing new developments in the world economy and their effects on spatial development 4. Understanding new economic geography and its effects on regional development and new regions Course Description From post-fordist period to new economic geography and regional development, changes in the economic specialization of regions and regional development, new regions, knowledge and knowledge economics, knowledge and information technologies and new strategic sectors, innovation, creativity and their roles on regional development, competitiveness, localization and regional agglomeration, human capital and creative class, creative sectors and growth, the effects of strategic sectors on each other and their locations, regional dynamics and social polarization, social polarization and governance, creative regions Course Outcomes Graduate students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills and proficiencies 1.

main reasons. 2 Handbook of regional growth and development theories alites/documents_travail//05/20regio/Min_DOC_1_startexasmuseum.org Magrini, S. ()​.

Regional Growth and Development Theories Revisited

Over the last decade the notion of resilience has attracted increasing attention from economic geographers, as part of an interest in the impact of shocks and disruptions to the process and pattern of regional development. But increasing popularity is no guarantee of profundity, and the application of the idea in economic geography raises a range of issues and questions, concerning not only the meaning and conceptualization of the notion of resilience in an economic-geographical setting, but also about the relationship of both shocks and resilience to the very process of uneven regional development itself. Clarifying these definitional, conceptual, and analytical issues is necessary given that the notion has assumed growing prominence in urban and regional policy-making arenas. Keywords: shocks , resilience , regional development , regional development theory , building regional resilience.

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