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static and dynamic balancing pdf

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It will be observed that when the rotor is stationary. However, when rotating. To gain insight into the causes of undesirable vibration of rotors and to understand static and dynamic unbalance conditions of rotors.

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Unbalance is the most common source of vibration in machines with rotating parts. It is a very important factor to be considered in modern machine design, especially where high speed and reliability are significant considerations. Balancing of rotors prevents excessive loading of bearings and avoids fatigue failure, thus increasing the useful life of machinery. Unbalance in a rotor is the result of an uneven distribution of mass, which causes the rotor to vibrate. The vibration is produced by the interaction of an unbalanced mass component with the radial acceleration due to rotation, which together generate a centrifugal force.

Figure If the rotor is statically balanced, it will not roll under the action of gravity, regardless of the angular position of the rotor. The requirement for static balance is that the center of gravity of the system of masses be at the axis of rotation. For the center of gravity to be at the axis of rotation, the moment of inertia of masses about the x-axis and y- axis, respectively, must be zero. For dynamic balancing of rotors, Eq.

Report Download. ForewordMany people are needlessly appre hensive of performing their own dy namic balancing procedure. InstallationFirst attach t w o accelerometers, one near each of the bearings of the rotor being balanced, to mea sure vibration. Mount a photoelectric trigger to give one pulse for each revolution of the rotor. Connect the accelerometers via a changeover switch, to a vibration meter and hence to the " u n k n o w n " channel of a phase meter. Connect the photoelectric trigger to the " k n o w n " channel of the phase meter. Establishment of original con ditionStart the test rotor.

The Design of Balancing Machines

This work is an attempt to evolve a means for statically and dynamical balancing of mechanical components. This will no doubt evolve greater success in ensuring sound fabrication of our local machine and ensuring that life span of such machine is prolonged since vibration will be reduced to the bearest minimum. Every wheel and its shaft have to be in a state of balanced, two mating shaft in rotation have to be in a state of static and dynamic balance. This is because unbalance condition produce centrifugal force which increase as the speed of the machine increase, causing damage to machine parts. To achieve the aim of static and dynamic balancing, various design alternatives for achieving the design solution were synthesized and a choice of economic method which will satisfy the objective was made. Based on the principle guiding the performance of the machine, the dimension and size of the various components was were established and correctly selected and the basic static and dynamic apparatus was fabricated and after testing it was found to satisfy the objective. Table of Contents.

Static and Dynamic Balancing PDF STATIC AND DYNAMIC BALANCING (PT. 2) JOHN VAUGHAN | BRÜEL & KJÆR DOWNLOAD PDF. What is Static Balance?

Gravity Compensation, Static Balancing and Dynamic Balancing of Parallel Mechanisms

The rotating system is essentially a shaft, mounted on bearings, supported in a rigid frame, and driven by a small variable speed motor attached to the frame. Four discs, to which masses may be attached, are rigidly secured to the shaft. Each disc is suitably drilled and the sets of holes are positioned so that various conditions of un-balance in a rotating system can be simulated and the normal methods used to determine the magnitude and position of the counter-balance masses.

The balancing of rotating bodies is important to avoid vibration. To help with balancing, it involves simply moving the centre of gravity to the centre of rotation. For systems to be completely balanced both the force and couple polygons should be closed. Static balance occurs when the centre of gravity of an object is on the axis of rotation. This allows the object to remain stationary, with the axis horizontal, without the application of any braking force.

Bench top apparatus for experiments in balancing a rotating mass system, statically and dynamically. This product allows students to do experiments in balancing a rotating mass system and check their results against accepted theory. A sturdy base unit holds a test assembly on four flexible mounts. The test assembly includes a balanced steel shaft mounted horizontally on low friction bearings.

Many people are needlessly apprehensive of performing their own dynamic balancing procedure.


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