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international trade and marketing pdf

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And once you have reached saturation point, what then? Your home market may be struggling due to economic pressures, but if you go global, you will have immediate access to a practically unlimited range of customers in areas where there is more money available to spend, and because different cultures have different wants and needs, you can diversify your product range to take advantage of these differences.

Imported products tend to have lower prices than locally produced ones for a variety of reasons, including lower labor costs and better technology in the exporting country. The reduced prices may lead to wage losses for individuals who work in the production of a local version of the imported item. On the other hand, lower prices may be beneficial to households if the cheaper product is in their consumption basket. These welfare gains through consumption, on average, are found to be larger in magnitude than the wage effect for some developing countries. International trade tends to reduce the prices of consumption goods, creating welfare gains for consumers in importing countries.

International trade

The Master is designed to provide all the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to manage all the technical aspects related to the international trade and global marketing of an import-export company, offering to the student a practical training on the techniques of the foreign trade customs, documents, customs, international logistics Language of the Master :. Master intended for all those wanting to specialise in international trade and global marketing.

The Master is designed for people without previous knowledge or experience in International Business as it begins with the basic knowledge of the international trade. Students of this Master can validate and register for the Master in International Business ECTS or the Doctorate in World Trade they only need to complete the research methodology module, Thesis, and other modules not studied in this Master. Trade Facilitation. The main objective of the second module of the Master is to provide all the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to manage all the aspects related to the international marketing of an exporting company : adapting export products, international pricing policy, global promotion and distribution, international marketing, country brand, segmentation, positioning in the international markets, organisation of an export department, intercultural negotiation, international market research, intellectual property rights For the successful completion of the Master, the student must submit a Thesis.

The topic must be related to foreign trade or to the Global Marketing. A Professional Master in International Trade and Marketing that fits your schedule and helps you to get a better job.

Objectives of the Master in International Trade and Marketing. The master includes the Market Access T ool :. The student has to pass the online continuous assessment exercises for each subject as well as the final online Master's thesis. If the professor considers that the minimum level has not been reached, he will guide the student to improve the quality of his exercises or thesis and send them back.

The most important thing for EENI is that the student correctly learns the Master's subjects and objectives. In this case, it will be necessary to send us by mail not valid by email a certified photocopy of your diploma of Bachelor's Degree. This is necessary for the issuance of your diploma and not to enrol. In what types of job positions can a person work with this Master? For example, in the export department of export companies, service companies logistics department, banking, consulting companies , public and private institutions such as chambers of commerce, business associations, multilateral organisations and as an entrepreneur, or creating one's business.

Video Career opportunities related to the Master. No to Corruption in International Business. Alliances with educational institutions to jointly teach master's degrees. Please only contact by email, WhatsApp or through the information request form We do not use cookies Back to top of this page. Search Previous page. The Thesis normally reports on a research project or an extended analysis of a topic.

The coach will provide the guidelines and requirements for writing the paper.


International trade is the exchange of capital , goods , and services across international borders or territories [1] because there is a need or want of goods or services. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product GDP. While international trade has existed throughout history for example Uttarapatha , Silk Road , Amber Road , scramble for Africa , Atlantic slave trade , salt roads , its economic, social, and political importance has been on the rise in recent centuries. Carrying out trade at an international level is a complex process when compared to domestic trade. When trade takes place between two or more states factors like currency, government policies, economy, judicial system, laws, and markets influence trade. To smoothen and justify the process of trade between countries of different economic standing, some international economic organisations were formed, such as the World Trade Organization. These organisations work towards the facilitation and growth of international trade.

both in marketing and in international trade issues. In this respect, Europe has , from Lienhardt, J. ().

The Investor's Guide to Global Trade

Stagflation and persistent balance of trade deficits during the 's encouraged government policy makers in many countries to seek improvements in export market performance. Another significant development during the 's was the empirical verification provided by the PIMS project of the positive relationship between a firm's market share and its profit ability, or other measures of performance in a particular market. The authors propose that the PIMS findings may also apply for an aggregation of firms — namely, world traders. A market share analysis of the export trade performance of the U.

Trade barriers are government-induced restrictions on international trade, which generally decrease overall economic efficiency.


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