System administrator l2 interview questions and answers pdf

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system administrator l2 interview questions and answers pdf

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Network Administration is a field that has an enormous amount of responsibility associated with it.

System Administration Interview Questions & Answers

Are you a person with a degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering? A system administrator is a person who is responsible for the upkeep configuration and reliable operation of computer system especially multi user computer such as servers. A person who manages the operation of a computer system or particular electronic communication service. He is responsible for the upkeep configuration and reliable operation of computer systems. Question 1. What Is Active Directory? Answer : Active Directory provides a centralised control for network administration and security.

32 Most Commonly Asked Windows Server Administrator Interview Questions (With Answers)

Active Directory. Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system, stores information about objects in a network and makes this information available to users and network administrators. Domain Controller. In an Active Directory forest, the domain controller is a server that contains a writable copy of the Active Directory database, participates in Active Directory replication, and controls access to network resources. A global catalog server is a domain controller that stores information about all objects in the forest. Like all domain controllers, a global catalog server stores full, writable replicas of the schema and configuration directory partitions and a full, writable replica of the domain directory partition for the domain that it is hosting.

Are you looking for your dream job as a Windows Server Administrator? I have no doubt on your windows server administration skills but most of the times people with good experience and a high skill also fails to pass the interview for Windows Server Administrator because of the kind of windows server interview questions asked by the interviewers. In this article, I would discuss with you some of the most commonly asked windows interview questions by the interviewer for Windows Server Administrator positions. The windows admin interview questions asked ranges from the simple to the complexed ones. Here are some of the most common windows server administrator interview questions you should prepare to do well in the interview.

Join Login. What is basic disk and dynamic disk? Difference between Primary, Logical, and Extended partition? What is diskpart and how to use this? How to extend a partition? How to shrink a partition? What if a disk is full and there is no unwanted stuff which can be deleted?

System Administrator Windows Interview Q amp A L1 amp L2. Top 22 Windows Server System Administrator interview questions and answers pdf. What question Top 30 Linux System Admin Interview Questions amp Answers. MCSE amp.

Wintel Interview Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of having AD? Active directory is a directory service that identifies all resources on a network and makes that information available to users and services. The Main purpose of AD is to control and authenticate network resources.

System Administrators, or SysAdmins, configure and maintain the day-to-day operations of networked computer systems. They make sure that the company's server and client computers perform well and remain secure. The most suitable System Administrator candidates will demonstrate a clear understanding of all the technical feats required to keep your company's networked computers running smoothly.

Windows Administrator L2 Interview Question - System Administrator


Ans:- Both do the same thing like forwarding the requests to appropriate name servers who are authoritative for the domains in the queries. However, there is difference in both, Stub Zone are Dynamic and Conditional forwarder are static. DNS servers in one network will forward names for clients in the other network to a specific DNS server that will build up a large cache of information about the other network. But the differences end here, as stub zones are quite different from secondary zones in a couple of significant ways. First, while secondary zones contain copies of all the resource records in the corresponding zone on the master name server, stub zones contain only three kinds of resource records:.

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