Sql pl sql interview questions and answers pdf

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sql pl sql interview questions and answers pdf

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Top PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answers

Welcome to Mindmajix - The leading global online training platform. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. SQL is a language used to communicate with the server to access, manipulate, and control data. Ans: Alias is a user-defined alternative name given to the column or table. By default column, alias headings appear in upper case. Ans: A Literal is a string that can contain a character, a number, or a date that is included in the SELECT list and that is not a column name or a column alias.

PL SQL is a procedural language which has interactive SQL, as well as procedural programming language constructs like conditional branching and iteration. Cursor is a named private area in SQL from which information can be accessed. They are required to process each row individually for queries which return multiple rows. It then opens a cursor, gets rows of values from the active set in fields of the record and shuts when all records are processed. It is used for : 1 Audit data modifications. Function is called as a part of an expression. Table columns are referred as THEN.

PL-SQL Interview Questions and Answers

Here is a list of these interview questions and answers:. Explain the uses of a database trigger. What is a stored procedure? A single query or command execution A full programming language What does it comprise? The data source for reports, web pages, etc. An application language to build, format, and display reports, web pages, etc. Characteristic Declarative in nature Procedural in nature Used for Manipulating data Creating applications.

It supports procedural features of programming language and SQL both. It is invented to overcome the limitations of SQL. Arrays are like temporary tables in memory that are processed very quickly. They simplifies moving collections of data. A function has a return type in its specification and must return a value specified in that type. Procedure : A procedure does not have a return type and should not return any value but it can have a return statement that simply stops its execution and returns to the caller.

1) What is PL SQL? 2) Differentiate between % ROWTYPE and TYPE RECORD. TYPE RECORD, on the other hand, is used when a query returns column of different tables or views. 3) Explain uses of cursor. 4) Show code of a cursor for loop. 5) Explain the uses of database trigger. 6) What are the two types of exceptions.

PL/SQL Interview Questions

Have you prepared to attend the job interview? Are you confused in job research? Then no problem we have the right answer to you in in our site page. The language includes object oriented programming techniques such as encapsulation, function overloading, information hiding all but inheritance , and so, brings state-of-the-art programming to the Oracle database server and a variety of Oracle tools. Question 2.

Answer: Cursor is a sql private work area. It opens an area of memory where the query is parsed and executed. Answer: When referencing the current row from an explicit cursor,use the where current of clause. This allows you to apply updates and delete to the row currently being addressed,without the need to explicitly reference the rowid. You must include the for update clause in the cursor query on open.

oracle pl sql interview questions for 3+ years experience

It is a block-structured language having logical blocks which are made up of three sub-blocks i. It includes procedural language elements like conditions and loops and allows declaration of constants and variables, procedures and functions. It also helps the users to develop complex database applications using control structures, procedures, modules, etc. Each constant, value and parameter has a data type that tells us the type of data used and their associated operations in the program. It is an attribute which is used for anchoring.

SQL programming skills are highly desirable and required in the market, as there is a massive use of Database Management Systems DBMS in almost every software application. In order to get a job, candidates need to crack the interview in which they are asked various SQL interview questions. Following is a curated list of SQL interview questions and answers, which are likely to be asked during the SQL interview. Candidates are likely to be asked basic SQL interview questions to advance level SQL questions depending on their experience and various other factors.

Following is a curated list of SQL interview questions and answers, which are likely SQL Interview Questions PDF file: Download here keyword can be used in Oracle and IDENTITY keyword can be used in SQL SERVER.

Top 65 PL/SQL Interview Questions & Answers


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