Cell structure and function notes pdf

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cell structure and function notes pdf

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Download revision notes for Cell Structure and Functions class 11 Notes and score high in exams. The revision notes help you revise the whole chapter 8 in minutes.

In this section the learners now expand their knowledge and learn the various cell structures and related functions. The roles of the organelles within the cells need to be introduced and relate structure and location of organelles to their function. Cells differ in size, shape and structure and therefore carry out specialised functions. Link this to tissues.

Cell Structure and Functions class 11 Notes Biology

The cell is a structure, containing a mass of liquid surrounded by a semipermeable membrane. The cell is functional and Structional unit of life. So cell is considered as the fundamental unit of life. In cell biology, we understand detailed information of tissues and organisms that cells compose. Some organisms are single-celled called unicellular Organism while some are made up of a large number of cells.

The structure of the cell surface membrane — although the structure looks static the phospholipids and proteins forming the bilayer are constantly in motion. The cell wall is freely permeable to most substances unlike the plasma membrane. The nucleus of a cell contains chromatin a complex of DNA and histone proteins which is the genetic material of the cell. A single mitochondrion is shown — the inner membrane has protein complexes vital for the later stages of aerobic respiration embedded within it. Chloroplasts are found in the green parts of a plant — the green colour a result of the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll. Ribosomes are formed in the nucleolus and are composed of almost equal amounts of RNA and protein.

Cell Structure and Functions-Notes

A cell is the smallest living thing in the human organism, and all living structures in the human body are made of cells. There are hundreds of different types of cells in the human body, which vary in shape e. However, all cells have three main parts, the plasma membrane , the cytoplasm and the nucleus. The plasma membrane often called the cell membrane is a thin flexible barrier that separates the inside of the cell from the environment outside the cell and regulates what can pass in and out of the cell. Internally, the cell is divided into the cytoplasm and the nucleus. It looks a bit-like mixed fruit jelly, where the watery jelly is called the cytosol ; and the different fruits in it are called organelles.

The Cell Structure and Function. The cell is the lowest level of structure capable of performing all the activities of life. The first cells were observed and named by.

Cell structure and functions

The cell from Latin cella , meaning "small room" [1] is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known organisms. Cells are the smallest units of life, and hence are often referred to as the "building blocks of life". The study of cells is called cell biology , cellular biology, or cytology.

Cell is the basic building block of all living organism or the smallest structural or functional unit of an organism. Prokaryotic Cells - The cells having nuclear material without nuclear membrane are termed as prokaryotic cells. Examples: bacteria and blue green algae.

NEET Biology: Cell Structure and Function-Notes PDF Free Download

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The Cell: History, Types, Structure, Organelles, Functions


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