Present simple and present continuous exercises pdf 1 eso esquema

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present simple and present continuous exercises pdf 1 eso esquema

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Hacer un paralelo de dos rutinas diarias, la primera es la del estudiante y la segunda es imaginaria, citar a un personaje famoso.

English A1. Speak up. My Project. Online papers. The eye.

El futuro en INGLES: cómo y cuándo usar will, going to y el present continuous

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Reading part 3 and 4 practice Fitxer. Unit 3: What's it worth? Classroom presentation: Future forms Fitxer. Vocabulary: shopping. Going to. Present Continuous. Present Simple.

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Write 2 activities you can do at the camp. Gives instructions. Gives presents. Is a woman. Is very angry. The correct sentence is Christine wants to talk to her mother. One teacher gives children the rules.

Ejercicios del presente simple y del pasado simple II

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Esquema per temes 4th ESO. Group presentation - Film Lion Fitxer. Liveworksheets Carpeta.


  • Ficha: 1 de 5. ALUMNO/A: Se usa el presente simple (simple present) para expresar rutinas, hábitos y costumbres. El present continuous se forma con el verbo be + verbo en –ing. Write the sentences in exercise 7 in the negative. a. b. Alejandrina G. - 31.05.2021 at 10:54
  • PRESENT CONTINUOUS (presente continuo). (estar). (-ando / -endo). BE. + VERB -ing. (am / is / are). (reading). Write the -ing form of the verbs below and. Donardo A. - 02.06.2021 at 00:49
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