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arts and humanities citation index pdf

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Louis Rubin, ed. Reviewed by Constance E. This sentence begins Section I of the comprehensive handbook dealing with the problems of curriculum in our schools today. The handbook, of which Rubin is also one of the authors, is divided into three sections: Section 1 outlines the perspectives, the major objectivesand trends in the subject-matter disciplines; the second is devoted to a study of current tendencies in curriculum building and the third deals with teaching methods, which should be of practical value to teachers, especiallyto those who are beginners. This handbook is followed by a second not under review , which includes curriculum administration, differing viewpoints on the purpose of education and other related subjects. The comprehensiveness of the Handbook is indicated by the fact that it contains essays;some are illustrated by figuresor by tables, for example Figure 4 entitled Building Blocksof Food. Following each essay are two pages: the first, Operational Concepts, and the second, Implications-contributed by Rubin as a brief clarification of dominant themes and of their practical application.

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Table of contents: 1. The idea of a citation database 2. The principles and design of citation indexes 3. Classifications of existing citation indexes 4. Citations as subject access points SAP 9.

A&HCI – Arts & Humanities Citation Index

These disciplines, along with fields such as Language, Linguistics and the History of Science, share a common concern with humanity and culture. One method for investigating this multidisciplinarity of research is to look at the citation links formed between journals when a paper published in one journal makes reference to a paper published in another. Citations are made to earlier work with some relevance to the current research, and so they can be used to draw together topically similar journals; see Research Trends issue 26 1 for an earlier exploration of citation mapping using Scopus citation data. These approaches tend to rely on sufficient quantities of journal articles, and of citations to recent research. Our citation mapping method can be adapted to better suit the disciplines; for this map, we used ten years of publication and citation data using the years — This allows a greater period of time for citations to be made to previously-published work, and increases the confidence we can have in the structure of the graph, at the expense of having a map which does not reflect the most current trends. Otherwise, the method remains similar: citation data from Scopus are gathered at journal—journal level; these citations are first normalized, and then used as the edge data for a network graph in Gephi.

Scholarly communication in arts and humanities differs from that in the sciences. Arts and humanities scholars rely primarily on monographs as amedium of publication whereas scientists consider articles that appear in scholarly journals as the single most important publication outlet. The number of journal citation studies in arts and humanities is therefore limited. One third of all contributions were published during the last 4 years — and appeared in 16 different journals. Two thirds of references in publications were to monographs. The median age of all references was 12 years.

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Arts & Humanities Citation Index

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Arts & Humanities Citation Index®

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