Social capital a theory of social structure and action pdf

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social capital a theory of social structure and action pdf

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Social capital and health – implications for health promotion

This article begins by suggesting that one must define human capital HC from a social perspective, the value of which inevitably depends on a wide range of social factors and relationships. The focus here is on the relationship between human individual capital and social capital, and their impact on each other's development. The article examines the concept of capital, drawing initially on the economics literature. It concludes that even though HC fails to meet the criteria for capital evident in that literature, its heuristic value has made it popular nonetheless. It also notes that HC's failure to meet the conceptual conditions of capital theory can be interpreted as a critical insertion of human values into the discussion. Leveraging from the Austrian economists, the article urges the analysis from static concepts and to a more dynamic interactive frame.

Social Capital and Technological Literacy in Taiwan

The burgeoning interest in social capital within the technology community represents a welcome move towards a concern for the social elements of technological adaptation and capacity. Since technology plays an ever larger role in our daily life, it is necessary to articulate social capital and its relationship to technological literacy. A nationwide data was collected by area sampling, and position generator was used to measure social capital. Regression model was constructed for technological literacy. Age, gender, education, income, web access, and social capital were included as independent variables.

Social capital and gender in the workplace

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Social capital

Metrics details. Vertical relationships with the government, particular relational capital and organizational social network capital, constitute corporate social capital CSC. Using the empirical data of 97 listed companies in China, this paper examines the impact of CSC on corporate performance, finds that CSC has a positive impact on sales revenue but an insignificant impact on the improvement of ROA.

Social capital has been widely accepted as an important asset for creating and maintaining healthy communities, robust organizations and vibrant civil societies. This paper explores the relevance of social capital to management development in the workplace and, more specifically, the importance of gender in the formation of social capital and the distribution of its benefits. The pertinent scholarly literature is reviewed to explore the role of social capital in organizational behavior and its relationship to gender. Although the numbers of women entering the workplace have risen steadily in the last half century and strides have been made in attaining economic parity with men, statistics reveal that women continue to lag behind men in career advancement and in levels of compensation and achieved status. It is argued in the literature that women are hindered in their efforts to achieve career advancement and its associated benefits due to their inability to access social capital, a valuable organizational commodity and source of the knowledge, resources, and networks that are essential for career development and maturation. This review reveals that untold benefits and rewards may be generated once workplaces are democratized and equalized so that women — and men — may contribute equally to the growth and development of private and public sector organizations. However, few practical solutions are included, as the available literature only cursorily addresses possible remedies.

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