Marginality and problem solving effectiveness in broadcast search pdf

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marginality and problem solving effectiveness in broadcast search pdf

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Why crowdsourcing fails

Crowdsourcing spreads and morphs quickly, shaping areas as diverse as creating, organizing, and sharing knowledge; producing digital artifacts; providing services involving tangible assets; or monitoring and evaluating. In a Mark Twain story that has delighted and inspired generations, Aunt Polly orders her young nephew, Tom Sawyer, to paint the fence along the street. Tom not only dreads this kind of work, he also knows that executing this task will subject him to serious mockery from his peers, village boys enjoying their day of leisure. However, he turns the tables. Apparently, a natural actor, Tom eventually gets the boys so interested in painting that they offer him all the little treasures in their pockets, in return for an opportunity to paint.

We examine who the winners are in science problem-solving contests characterized by open broadcast of problem information, self-selection of external solvers to discrete problems from the laboratories of large research and development intensive companies, and blind review of solution submissions. Analyzing a unique data set of science challenges involving over 12, scientists revealed that technical and social marginality, being a source of different perspectives and heuristics, plays an important role in explaining individual success in problem solving. The provision of a winning solution was positively related to increasing distance between the solver's field of technical expertise and the focal field of the problem. Our findings contribute to the emerging literature on open and distributed innovation by demonstrating the value of openness, at least narrowly defined by disclosing problems, in removing barriers to entry to nonobvious individuals. We also contribute to the knowledge-based theory of the firm by showing the effectiveness of a market mechanism to draw out knowledge from diverse external sources to solve internal problems.

Metrics details. Crowdsourcing—asking an undefined group of external contributors to work on tasks—allows organizations to tap into the expertise of people around the world. Crowdsourcing is known to increase innovation and loyalty to brands, but many organizations struggle to leverage its potential, as our research shows. Most often this is because organizations fail to properly plan for all the different stages of crowd engagement. In this paper, we use several examples to explain these challenges and offer advice for how organizations can overcome them. We have studied the crowdsourcing of knowledge—defined as inviting an undefined group of external contributors to work on tasks—for several years.

Crowdsourcing: Global search and the twisted roles of consumers and producers

Unconventional thinkers wanted Solutions to some of the most challenging problems have always come from people that are neither specialists nor experts in the focal field. These people have used unorthodox reasoning and relevant knowledge previously not applied to a given problem. Box 1 describes two such examples, one dating back to the 18th century, and one from current times. An advantage of our digital age is that these innovators, problem solvers, and gifted inventors can be reached and motivated to contribute their ideas and knowledge to the most challenging problems via well-organized crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing as a term was soon after adopted by bloggers, in the popular press, the business community, and in academia. But does crowdsourcing live up to expectations?

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Marginality and team building in collaborative crowdsourcing

Existing studies on crowdsourcing have focused on analyzing isolated contributions by individual participants and thus collaboration dynamics among them are under-investigated. The value of implementing crowdsourcing in problem solving lies in the aggregation of wisdom from a crowd. This study examines how marginality affects collaboration in crowdsourcing. With population level data collected from a global crowdsourcing community openideo.

Crowdsourcing is an increasingly important phenomenon that is fundamentally changing how companies create and capture value. There are still important questions with respect to how crowdsourcing works and can be applied in practice, especially in business practice. In this chapter, we focus on prediction markets as a mechanism and tool to tap into a crowd in the early stages of an innovation process. The act of opening up to external knowledge sources is also in line with the growing interest in open innovation.

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Prediction Markets for Crowdsourcing

A growing number of firms are using crowdsourcing platforms to actively solicit the skills of external entities to help them solve innovation-related problems. Despite its increasing popularity, crowdsourcing has produced mixed success, because few external experts provide helpful solutions. The current research examines this issue by exploring why some external solvers are more successful than others.

View Stats. The purpose of this study is to explore the concept of bleisure business and leisure in an organization along with its antecedents and outcomes. Bleisure is a combination of completing work and entertainment or a pleasant situation at the same time.

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Marginality and Problem-Solving Effectiveness in Broadcast Search

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