Basic principles of sales and marketing pdf

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basic principles of sales and marketing pdf

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SALES & MARKETING basic principles

A collection of useful resources to help power up your performance monitoring and reporting flow. An excellent Marketing strategy is a vital part of any successful business; it focuses on what you want to achieve for your business. Marketing is giving people information and showing them the reasons to choose your product and services. Marketing may not seem the same as it was before the evaluation of the digital world, but the basic principles of marketing are still the same. These principles are used as a basic formula to evaluate and reevaluate the business, and ensure your business is reaching its full potential and growth. Marketing principles are the most commonly used principles that are around since the s, these principles stood the test of time and have remained the same - with a little variation here and there - for decades.

Total Market 2. Differentiated Market Identified Market 1 3. On the contrary it might change along the year according to examples : a cash money needed in that particular period b market penetration strategy Fiat cars are selling the same model cheaper in some countries c policy of price-lowering for old model so as to give space to the new one or export to developing countries To take into account: when retail sales are made by the trade, consider that sometimes discount given by the manufacturer will not be granted to the consumer. Sure it is! Last week we placed an ad in a newspaper, looking for a night watchman and on the following night we were robbed!

What is selling, really? Ask ten salespeople you'll get ten different answers. Ask ten executive, you'll get ten more. But what is selling, really? IMHO, selling can be boiled down to the following basic principles:. When you're having a conversation with a customer, your main goal is always to figure out how and whether you can help that customer. This is impossible when your mouth is open.

Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing

Marketing principles or principles of marketing are agreed-upon marketing ideas companies use for an effective marketing strategy. They are the principles upon which we build product promotion strategies. We can use the marketing principles for the effective promotion of either goods or services. Some companies may follow the 4Ps Strategy or 4P Strategy. Some people refer to it as the 4P Marketing Matrix.

Role of marketing – Guiding philosophy – the marketing concept – Input to strategic planners, Promotion (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, PR.

SALES & MARKETING basic principles

Selling comprises all those personal and impersonal activities involved in finding, securing and developing a demand for a given product or service. In the words of William J. Stanton Selling is informing and persuading a market about a product or service. It is a function of promotion. It is through selling that employment opportunity, income and savings, and investment are generated.

Jump to navigation. Marketing must be understood in the sense of satisfying customer needs. Marketing can be defined as the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. A five-step model of the marketing process will provide the structure of this chapter. Marketing management is the art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relationships with them.

Basic Principles of Marketing

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Basic Principles of Marketing

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