Measurement of high voltage and current pdf

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measurement of high voltage and current pdf

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In electronics , a voltage divider also known as a potential divider is a passive linear circuit that produces an output voltage V out that is a fraction of its input voltage V in. Voltage division is the result of distributing the input voltage among the components of the divider. A simple example of a voltage divider is two resistors connected in series , with the input voltage applied across the resistor pair and the output voltage emerging from the connection between them. Resistor voltage dividers are commonly used to create reference voltages, or to reduce the magnitude of a voltage so it can be measured, and may also be used as signal attenuators at low frequencies.

Measurement of High Voltage

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. High-Impulse Current and Voltage Measurement Abstract: This paper is a survey of methods of high-impulse current and voltage measurement. Typically, such measurement techniques must now include capabilities for measuring high-energy impulses having peak powers as high as many megawatts, currents as high as many mega-amperes, or voltages as high as several megavolts, with rise times as short as a fraction of a microsecond even as short as the subnanosecond range for moderately high-energy impulses. These capabilities had to be attained in recent years to meet the needs of various areas of scientific research employing such high-energy impulses.

Remember Me. This is often the result of instruments that, by necessity, alter the state of what they measure in some manner. Accurate high-voltage measurement is a clear example of the validity of this theory. The accuracy of the resulting measurements is affected by three important elements:. This article will address each of these areas with the objective of providing guidance in achieving optimum accuracy in making high-voltage measurements. High Voltage Applications. Accurate high-voltage measurement is essential in design and manufacturing of a remarkably wide range of applications:.

Premium Membership. Learn from experienced power engineers. The principal objective of lecture notes is to cover the fundamentals of high voltage laboratory techniques , to provide an understanding of high voltage phenomena, and to present the basics of high voltage insulation design and techniques. Conduction and breakdown in gases: Gases as insulating media, Ionisation processes. Townsend current growth equation.

High Voltage Measurement Techniques

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This Application Note compiles solutions to current sensing problems and organizes the solutions by general application type. These circuits have been culled from a variety of Linear Technology documents. Each chapter collects together applications that tend to solve a similar general problem, such as high side current sensing, or negative supply sensing. The chapters are titled accordingly. In this way, the reader has access to many possible solutions to a particular problem in one place.

High dc voltages are usually measured by connecting a very high resistance (few hundreds or Mega ohms) in series with a micro ammeter. • Current I flowing.

AN-105: Current Sense Circuit Collection Making Sense of Current

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book conveys the theoretical and experimental basics of a well-founded measurement technique in the areas of high DC, AC and surge voltages as well as the corresponding high currents. Additional chapters explain the acquisition of partial discharges and the electrical measured variables.

Voltage divider

Current Sensors. Measuring High Currents.

High Voltage Measurement Techniques

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More often, the generated current is rectified and measured by a moving coil meter. Generating voltmeter can be used for a.c. voltage measurements also provided.