Handbook of wear debris analysis and particle detection in liquids pdf

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handbook of wear debris analysis and particle detection in liquids pdf

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Predictive maintenance of a reducer with contaminated oil under an excentrical load through vibration and oil analysis. Among all Predictive Maintenance techniques the oil analysis and vibration analysis are the most important for monitoring some systems. The integration of these techniques has the potential to revolutionize industrial practices and provide a large economic gain for industries. To study the integration of both techniques a bench test was set up and put to work to the extreme limit of use. Tests were carried out with the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment, using lubricants supplemented with various percentages of liquid contaminant and lubricants supplemented with several percentages of solid contaminant.

This article focuses on different aspects of wear particle analysis. It discusses the different wear regimes in the wear rate versus time bathtub curve. The article explains the essence of condition monitoring and how to properly sample lubricants for condition monitoring. It also discusses in-service lubricant analysis for condition monitoring, focusing on the spectrometric oil analysis program. The article describes the characteristics of wear particles and analytical techniques for characterizing them.

Investigation of Bearing Fatigue Damage Life Prediction Using Oil Debris Monitoring

Oil cleanliness is a measure of the level of particle contaminants in the oil, including both insoluble and hard particles. Acceptable oil cleanliness levels are often determined by Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM recommendations and can be controlled through proactive maintenance methods. It is particularly important to maintain oil cleanliness in applications with tight clearances such as equipment with servo valves or harsh operating conditions such as extreme temperatures, pressures or speed. The first step in measuring oil cleanliness is counting the particulate matter using one of several particle counting methods. These include: ISO In this method, the oil sample is passed through a very fine filter patch to capture particles.

Wear debris in hydraulic oil contains important information on the operation of equipment, which is important for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in mechanical equipment. A micro inductive sensor based on the inductive coulter principle is presented in this work. It consists of a straight micro-channel and a 3-D solenoid coil wound on the micro-channel. Instead of detecting the inductance change of the inductive sensor, the equivalent resistance change of the inductive sensor is detected for non-ferrous particle copper particle monitoring. The simulation results show that the resistance change rate caused by the presence of copper particles is greater than the inductance change rate. The equivalent resistance method was demonstrated to have a higher detection accuracy than conventional inductive detection methods for non-ferrous particle detection in hydraulic oil.

many techniques which can be used. These cover the detection, sampling and analysis of particles and identify those most relevant to particular applications.

Handbook of Wear Debris Analysis and Particle Detection in Liquids

Spherical wear particles discovered in microscopic fatigue cracks in the balls of ball bearings 3,x magnification. Spherical particles have been found in microscopic analysis in many different machines. The phenomenon of perfectly round spheres has been a topic of interest since their discovery and a number of theories have been formulated for their origin. While more than one theory exists, their source can be narrowed down by considering certain factors such as particle size and texture, equipment type, surrounding debris, stage of equipment life and environmental conditions. Table 1 summarizes the predominant theories of the origin of spheres in oil analysis.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book provides not only a comprehensive introduction to the subject, but also describes in details the many techniques which can be used. These cover the detection, sampling and analysis of particles and identify those most relevant to particular applications.

The purpose of this study was to perform a complete experimental assessment of a family of oil ferrous wear debris sensor is performed. The family comprised the original sensor and its re-engineered evolution, which is capable of detecting both amount and size of wear debris particles trapped by the sensor and some predefined oil condition properties. In this work, the first step was to perform a design of experiments for the sensor validation. A specially defined test rig was implemented, and different ferrous wear debris was collected. For each sensor, two different tests were performed.

Particle Size Essentials Guidebook

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