Advantages and disadvantages of rfid technology pdf

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advantages and disadvantages of rfid technology pdf

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Barcode labels have been the industry standard in retail and logistics for over 30 years, but other technologies, namely radio-frequency identification RFID , have greatly diminished the luster of barcodes in the past decade. While both are well suited for certain applications, the advantages of RFID over barcodes are great in number and significance.

Contribution of RFID technology to better management of fashion supply chains

Supply costs account for more than one-third of the average operating budget and constitute the second largest expenditure in hospitals. As hospitals have sought to reduce these costs, radio-frequency identification RFID technology has emerged as a solution. This study reviews existing literature to gauge the recent and potential impact and direction of the implementation of RFID in the hospital supply chain to determine current benefits and barriers of adoption. Findings show that the application of RFID to medical equipment and supplies tracking has resulted in efficiency increases in hospitals with lower costs and increased service quality. RFID technology can reduce costs, improve patient safety, and improve supply chain management effectiveness by increasing the ability to track and locate equipment, as well as monitoring theft prevention, distribution management, and patient billing. Hospitals have begun to incorporate products to control and evaluate equipment that moves in and out of the organization through the use of radio-frequency identification RFID , a wireless system utilizing radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to obtain data for tracking and identifying items. RFID tags enable scanning of an item or device so that its contents, location, manufacture date, order numbers, and shipping data can be transmitted to the correct person for use within the company.

RFID is a tool. The advantages and disadvantages depend to a large extent on how the tool is applied. That being said, RFID can be used in many different tasks and has advantages and perhaps some disadvantages for each. The disadvantage is that it is slightly more expensive than a magnetic strip. Passive UHF can be used for automating tasks on an assembly line. It allows a robot to identify the unique subassembly it is working on and pick the unique part that needs to be applied. This is a huge advantage over bar codes, which must be in a specific orientation to be read.

Exploring the Limitations on RFID Technology in Traceability Systems at Beverage Factories

This system was born in at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology when a consortium formed of professors, researchers and supply chain professionals created a global standard system for RFID. This paper explores the benefits and drawbacks of using this technology in supply chain management. Its ten year old history shows that, even at the beginning a lot of professionals were carried away by its implementation in supply chain, many companies found it difficult to measure the return on investment of this system as the cost of deployment is rather high. This paper argues that this technology can be very successfully implemented in order to improve the supply chain system and improve the value added offered to the clients, as long as the professionals make an accurate assessment of the investment needed for the implementation. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

It highlights the contribution of RFID to FSCM, supporting faster logistics activities, with greater products quality, cheaper and with more responsiveness, improving customer satisfaction. Secondary data analysis from a sample of six companies supports the identification and discussion of the real advantages, disadvantages and barriers felt by companies in a fashion supply chain when RFID technology is introduced. In most cases, the tagging operation is performed at some stage in the production process and tag reading occurs at distribution centres or at stores. The main barrier identified to the deployment of RFID is the problem of interoperability. The costs associated with the technology are the main disadvantage pointed out by the companies. A conceptual framework is proposed exploring the RFID advantages and disadvantages across the fashion supply chain, the main barriers to its introduction and the fashion supply chain logistics activities in which RFID could be found.

This paper presents a methodology for the integration of RFID technology into microcomputer assembly companies. The methodology was developed to identify and evaluate the production process in an assembly company and to apply the process FMEA to evaluate potential faults and propose improvement actions for the use of RFID technology. In this study, the viability of RFID technology for inventory control and traceability of the product was confirmed. Among the benefits obtained were the reduction of one of the workers from the inventory team, reduction in the costs of substituting a component, and reduction in lead-time. The basic premise of RFID is that a radio frequency reader can read as many as tags in a second without the line-of-sight requirement.

To increase quality of care and decrease waiting time, care providers should use RFID technology to track and control patients, professional, and.

Contribution of RFID technology to better management of fashion supply chains

Animal facilities are increasing in size while the availability of skilled workers is decreasing, making it difficult for farm laborers to ensure the health and well-being of all animals under their care. This insight can lead to new engineering designs. In addition, these systems create an individual data stream that can be used to create unique animal phenotypes. Radio Frequency Identification is used in many different applications including store inventory, timing of races, attendee tracking, toll roads, and animal identification. There are different types of RFID systems each has unique attributes that create advantages or challenges to different situations.

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RFID vs. Barcodes: What are the Advantages?

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Download Table | Advantages and disadvantages of RFID from publication: THE RFID TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS: A REVIEW | Radio Frequency.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Radio Frequency Identification?


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