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Amin al-Husseini , the former Mufti of Jerusalem, called the arson a "Jewish crime" and called for all Muslim heads of state to convene a summit. On 25 September , an Islamic Conference, a summit of representatives of 24 Muslim majority countries most of the representatives being heads of state , was held in Rabat , Morocco. While the al-Aqsa fire is regarded as one of the catalysts for the formation of the OIC, many Muslims have aspired to a pan-Islamic institution that would serve the common political, economic, and social interests of the ummah Muslim community since the 19th century.

Also available in the following language: French , Arabic. To strengthen cooperation and solidarity among the Member States and to protect the rights and interests of the Islamic World. The Organisation of the Islamic Conference was established by decision of the First Islamic Summit Conference held in Rabat on September , upon the reactions of the Islamic world provoked by the arson attack against Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam and located in Jerusalem under the Israeli occupation, by an Australian extremist Jewish on 21 August At the 1 st Session of the CFM in Jeddah in March , it was agreed to establish the General Secretariat and bring it into operation in Jeddah until the liberation of Jerusalem, furthermore a Secretary General was appointed. The New Charter forms the legal basis and the organs necessary for the cooperation and activities among the Islamic countries in accordance with the contemporary requirements in the recent environment that have undergone radical changes in the international fora since

A look back at 50 years of OIC as it meets in Makkah for Islamic Summit

Amin al-Husseini , the former Mufti of Jerusalem, called the arson a "Jewish crime" and called for all Muslim heads of state to convene a summit. On 25 September , an Islamic Conference, a summit of representatives of 24 Muslim majority countries most of the representatives being heads of state , was held in Rabat , Morocco. While the al-Aqsa fire is regarded as one of the catalysts for the formation of the OIC, many Muslims have aspired to a pan-Islamic institution that would serve the common political, economic, and social interests of the ummah Muslim community since the 19th century.

According to its charter, the OIC aims to preserve Islamic social and economic values; promote solidarity amongst member states; increase cooperation in social, economic, cultural, scientific, and political areas; uphold international peace and security; and advance education, particularly in the fields of science and technology.

The emblem of the OIC contains three main elements that reflect its vision and mission as incorporated in its new Charter. These elements are: the Kaaba , the Globe, and the Crescent. On 5 August , 45 foreign ministers of the OIC adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam to serve as a guidance for the member states in the matters of human rights in as much as they are compatible with the Sharia , or Quranic Law.

In March , the OIC conducted a formal revision of its charter. The revised charter set out to promote human rights, fundamental freedoms, and good governance in all member states. Since then OIC members have absorbed refugees from other conflicts, including the uprising in Syria.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has 57 members, 56 of which are also member states of the United Nations , the exception being Palestine. Some members, especially in West Africa and South America, are — though with large Muslim populations — not necessarily Muslim majority countries.

A few countries with significant Muslim populations, such as Russia and Thailand , sit as Observer States. The collective population of OIC member states is over 1.

Only OIC members are entitled to membership in the union. Bush said of the envoy, "Our special envoy will listen to and learn from representatives from Muslim states, and will share with them America's views and values.

He was appointed on 13 February The OIC, on 28 March , joined the criticism of the film Fitna by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders , which features disturbing images of violent acts juxtaposed with alleged verses from the Quran. The OIC has called for boycott of Israeli products in effort to pressure Israel into ending the occupation of the Palestinian territories. There was a meeting in Conakry in Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said that foreign ministers would discuss the possibility of cutting ties with any state that recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or that moves its embassy to its environs.

Pakistan opposes India's entry into the OIC. The reason for opposition to India's entry into the OIC cited by Pakistan is due to the human rights issues and problems faced by the Kashmiris in the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The head of the Indian delegation, the then ambassador to Morocco , even addressed the gathering. While General Yahya Khan of Pakistan did agree, he showed his extreme displeasure at the induction of non-Muslim representative.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad , who was to head the Indian delegation was on his way to Rabata. Yahya Khan took a stand against India and threatened to boycott summit which caused a major controversy.

As such Indo-Pak differences led Islamabad to keep India out for the final session of the conference and all summits thereafter. A suicide attack on Indian Forces on 14 February , followed by Indian Air Strikes subsequently led to a military stand off between India and Pakistan. For the first time in five decades, the United Arab Emirates invited foreign minister of India Sushma Swaraj to attend the inaugural plenary 46th meeting of OIC foreign ministers held in Abu Dhabi on 1 and 2 March overruling strong objections by Pakistan.

Swaraj addressed the meet raising concern for spreading terrorism. On 18 April , the OIC had issued a statement, urging Narendra Modi's government to take urgent steps to "stop the growing tide of Islamophobia" as Hindu nationalists target Indian Muslims, accusing them of spreading the coronavirus disease Cartoons of Muhammad, published in a Danish newspaper in September , were found offensive by a number of Muslims.

Third Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Summit Conference in December condemned publication of the cartoons, resulting in broader coverage of the issue by news media in Muslim countries.

Subsequently, violent demonstrations throughout the Islamic world resulted in several deaths. For example, when independent experts reported violations of human rights in the Lebanon War , "state after state from the OIC took the floor to denounce the experts for daring to look beyond Israeli violations to discuss Hezbollah 's as well. The OIC has been criticised for failing to discuss the treatment of ethnic minorities within member countries, such as the oppression of the Kurds in Syria and Turkey , the Ahwaz in Iran , the Hazaras in Afghanistan , the ' Al-Akhdam ' in Yemen , or the Berbers in Algeria.

In December , the OIC tentatively raised the issue of China 's Xinjiang re-education camps and human rights abuses against the Uyghur Muslim minority. In March , the United Nations Human Rights Council held its first discussion of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, following the passage of a resolution supporting LGBT rights proposed by the Republic of South Africa.

He stated that the council should not discuss the topic again. Most Arab countries and some African ones later walked out of the session. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC held its first science and technology summit at the level of head of state and government in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, on 10—11 September The Astana Declaration commits members to increase investment in science and technology, education, eradicate extreme poverty, and implement UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In HRW's view, it labels, or could easily be used to label, as terrorist actions, acts of peaceful expression, association, and assembly.

Legal scholar Ben Saul of University of Sydney argues that the definition is subjective and ambiguous and concludes that there is "serious danger of the abusive use of terrorist prosecutions against political opponents" and others.

Furthermore, HRW is concerned by OIC's apparent unwillingness to recognise as terrorism acts that serve causes endorsed by their member states. Article 2 reads: "Peoples' struggle including armed struggle against foreign occupation, aggression, colonialism, and hegemony, aimed at liberation and self-determination.

Contradictions between OIC's and other UN members' understanding of terrorism has stymied efforts at the UN to produce a comprehensive convention on international terrorism. During a meeting in Malaysia in April , delegates discussed terrorism but failed to reach a definition of it.

They rejected, however, any description of the Palestinian fight with Israel as terrorism. Their declaration was explicit: "We reject any attempt to link terrorism to the struggle of the Palestinian people in the exercise of their inalienable right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Shrif Jerusalem as its capital.

Thailand has responded to OIC criticism of human rights abuses in the Muslim majority provinces of Pattani , Yala , and Narathiwat in the south of the country. In a statement issued on 18 October , secretary-general Ihsanoglu vocalised concern over the continuing conflict in the south that "claimed the lives of innocent people and forced the migration of local people out of their places".

On 18—19 April , the exiled Patani leader Abu Yasir Fikri see Patani United Liberation Organisation was invited to the OIC to speak about the conflict and present a solution to end the violence between the Thai government and the ethnically Malay Muslims living in the socioeconomically neglected south, that has been struggling against Thai assimilation policy and for self governance since it became annexed by Thailand in Fikri presented a six-point solution at the conference in Jiddah that included obtaining the same basic rights as other groups when it came to right of language, religion, and culture.

He also suggested that Thailand give up its discriminatory policies against the Patani people and allow Patani to at least be allowed the same self-governing rights as other regions in Thailand already have, citing that this does not go against the Thai constitution since it has been done in other parts of Thailand and that it is a matter of political will.

He added Thai policies of not investigating corruption, murder, and human rights violations perpetrated by Bangkok-led administration and military personnel against the Malay Muslim population was an obstacle for achieving peace and healing the deep wounds of being treated as third-class citizens.

Thailand responded to this criticism over its policies. The Thai foreign minister , Kantathi Suphamongkhon , said: "We have made it clear to the OIC several times that the violence in the deep South is not caused by religious conflict and the government grants protection to all of our citizens no matter what religion they embrace.

OIC secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said prior to the meeting that one main agenda item was stopping Israel from continuing its excavation at the Western Wall near the Al-Aqsa Mosque , Islam's third holiest site.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri told reporters on 14 February that the secretary general of OIC and foreign ministers of seven "like-minded Muslim countries" would meet in Islamabad on 25 February following meetings of President Musharraf with heads of key Muslim countries to discuss "a new initiative" for the resolution of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict.

Kasuri said this would be a meeting of foreign ministers of key Muslim countries to discuss and prepare for a summit in Makkah Al Mukarramah to seek the resolution of the Arab—Israeli conflict. The September 's high-level Summit of the OIC, in New York, ended without adopting any resolutions or conclusions, for the first time in several years in the modern history of the organization, due to a dispute regarding the status of one of its Observer states.

Egypt's president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi insisted that any reference to the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or Turkish Cypriot State" was unacceptable and was ultimately the reason for the OIC not adopting any resolutions or conclusions in the summit. The largest meeting, attended by the kings and the heads of state and government of the member states, convenes every three years. Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers meets once a year to examine a progress report on the implementation of its decisions taken within the framework of the policy defined by the Islamic Summit.

The Secretary General is elected by the Council of Foreign Ministers for a period of five years, renewable once. The Secretary-General is elected from among nationals of the Member States in accordance with the principles of equitable geographical distribution, rotation and equal opportunity for all Member States with due consideration to competence, integrity and experience.

The Permanent Secretariat is the executive organ of the Organisation, entrusted with the implementation of the decisions of the two preceding bodies, and is located in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia. Yousef A. He received his office on, Tuesday, 29 November OIC has been criticised by many Muslims for its lack of real engagement and solutions for Muslim countries in crisis.

In , Pakistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs SM Qureshi criticized OIC for its stand with regards to Kashmir issue , stating with Pakistan might consider to call a meeting of Islamic countries that are ready to stand with them on the issue.

This comment invited immediate retaliation from Saudi Arabia, where the latter forced Pakistan to repay 1 Billion dollars from the 3 Billion dollars loan it had taken in and by also ending its oil supply credit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. International organisation. For other uses, see OIC disambiguation. Member states. Observer states. Suspended states. Arabic English French. Website www. Main article: Member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Growing for Prosperity: Economic viability as a catalyst for a sustainable coffee sector. ICO supported by the Government of Germany is looking for gender advisory services to help ensure a gender focus is incorporated into the workstreams of the Coffee Public Private Task Force. Details to apply here. In February , the ICO composite indicator continued its upward trend, averaging This is the highest monthly average since October when the ICO composite indicator reached

The Terms and Conditions of Employment for Excluded Employees and Appointees apply to all employees excluded from a bargaining unit agreement and to all appointments made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council that are designated for coverage under this policy. The objective of this policy is to define and facilitate consistent application of the terms and conditions of employment for covered groups. This policy applies to all employees excluded from a bargaining unit agreement and to all appointments made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council that are designated for coverage under this policy. Basic Pay means the rate of pay established for a position classification, including an add-to-pay resulting from salary protection. Continuous Service means uninterrupted regular employment in the Public Service of British Columbia or any period of regular employment with an employer listed in Schedule 9 provided no break in service has occurred between employment with that employer and the appointment to the Public Service.

ICO composite indicator increases for the 4th consecutive month

Comprised of fifty-seven nations spread over four continents, the forty-year-old Organization of the Islamic Conference OIC is the second largest international body after the UN, and is aimed at protecting Muslim interests worldwide. Some experts say the organization has been ineffectual, but they also note its tremendous potential for addressing the issues facing Muslims. These questions have taken on particular prominence in the controversy over U. According to the OIC web site, the council was created in following a summit in Morocco in the wake of the "criminal arson of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

The majority of its member states are Muslim-majority countries, while others have significant Muslim populations, including several African and South American countries. It also has five observer members, including Russia and Thailand. Reacting to the incident, representatives from 24 Muslim countries met in the capital Rabat to establish a body that would promote cooperation across the Muslim world. According to its charter, the OIC aims to preserve Islamic values, safeguard and defend the national sovereignty and independence of member states and to contribute to international peace and security.

An Australian tourist had set fire to a structure in the main Al-Qibly Mosque, destroying the year-old pulpit of Saladin. Reacting to the incident, representatives from 24 Islamic states gathered in Rabat, Morocco, from Sept. The second Islamic Summit was convened in February in Lahore, Pakistan, after a gap of five years.

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The U.


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